What does "an Apple a Day" mean?

Updated: Aug 29

Why we call our Newsletter "an Apple a Day."

Welcome to the only newsletter that will deliver to your inbox the best ideas, tactics and inspiration to help you water your list, grow your relationships, increase referrals and ultimately lead to an Orchard of new prospects and leads. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where we can share updates about the best

Do you have the mindset to keep asking, to keep watering even if it doesn't feel like anything is growing? Whether you prefer social, email, phone or text, pigeon carrier, the way you need to think of marketing from this day forward is to finally "STOP MARKETING, AND START COMMUNICATING."

We’ll be posting loads of ideas and tactics with real world results as well as some that will be "out there" for you try, so be sure to check your inbox every morning.

an Apple a Day origination.

You may have heard of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" signifying the importance of thinking and eating healthy CONSISTENTLY for future benefit.

Just as eating an apple a day keeps you healthy, reaching out to your list every day keeps your bank account healthy. If you want to reach your goals, and or prevent slow periods in your business, it is vital to think of consistent communication as you would eating.

How many days can you go without eating before you suffer? How many days could your plants go without water before they begin to wilt and die? You get the picture.

Consistency, consistency, consistency is the SINGE MOST IMPORTANT thing I want you to come away with here. Consistency wins.

In the world of sales, you do vey well to commit to a daily regimen of

Assuming you have your list(s) organized.

If you still have not downloaded your copy of the Apple Orchard 2.0 Framework, do so here.

Understand that none of the "Apple a Day" tactics or our Apple Orchard 2.0 framework will actually work for you if you do not put them into practice. We want nothing more than to see you succeed and you will not find anyone more committed to helping you build your list, and increase the amount of prospects and leads you generate, without resorting to the brain-damage of paying for your customers.

So, again, we thank you for taking your business seriously but not so serious that you lose sight of the fact that consistently selling and making money should be fun.

Be open to building and strengthening your list and relationships, developing a formal referral strategy daily, and keeping more of the great clients and customers you already have.

Now! Let's go get a BIGGER SLICE OF THE PIE.

Scott Webb


Apple Orchard Consulting Group

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