Apples in a Crate
Our promise: We will help you discover and find every new prospect, every lead, every new ideal client and any amount of revenue you seek is already tied to the individuals, and entities who already know like and trust you. You just need a system to help you deliver that.
There are 4 ways to work with us.

First and foremost, our Apple Orchard framework is FREE. We will teach you how to grow your own Orchard, build strategic relationships, find new sales opportunities, and generate more revenue. DOWNLOAD HERE

OPTION A - Perfect List Builder System

OPTION B - 90 Day Client Finder (Consulting)

OPTION C - Perfect Client Audit
  • 6 Mo Client Finder

    A 180 Day guided journey to find and convert new clients
    Valid for 6 months
    • Comprehensive List Review
    • Prospect and CRM Audit
    • Engagement Survey Sent
    • Connect the Dots Client Journey Map to new business
    • Comprehensive Implementation Plan
  • Perfect List Builder

    Every month
    90 Day Done With You
    Valid for 3 months
    • Total Client Journey Audit
    • Bespoke Apple Orchard Strategy
    • One Idea Implementation
    • Lead Funnel and Lead Magnet Creation
  • Perfect-Client Audit

    90 Minute Strategy Review
    • CRM Review
    • Technology Review
    • Ideal Client Journey Strategy
    • Low Hanging Fruit Techniques

To make sure we would be a good fit working together in your Orchard, schedule a no-obligation discovery call here.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

"Working with Scott and incorporating his Apple Orchard system has been an incredible journey. Out of the gate it was a different experience than the previous engagements I’ve had with marketing or branding experts including shops like Montoya, in-house marketing resources from industry vendors and various social media marketers.

Absent were canned mission statements and value props.  He asked different questions, dug deeper into who I am, and discovered purpose and intent. What followed was a consistent stream of guidance, support and idea sharing. Our sessions led to authentic messaging and a brand that couldn’t be more unique and natural. All the while, keeping me on target with the process of consistent and effective communication with my clients and prospects.

I am doing things today that I thought were well outside of my comfort level.
And most importantly, our work is yielding results including improved engagement with who I’m trying to reach and converting them to clients. Working with Scott is like having my own Executive Coach and digital art creator."

- Mark Schlafer | Schlafer Wealth Management