Become a "Refluencer"
Join my monthly coaching program called The Refluencer program.
What is a "Refluencer" you may ask?

I am excited to find out what you are working on and how my team and I can best serve your sales process regardless if you are a small business or enterprise.

My rates are as follows.

$5K for a 60 Day Full Apple Orchard Strategy and Tactical Growth Plan

$12K ($1K per month) 
A 12 Month Done With You Apple Orchard Program with Lead Magnet.

$25K ($5K upfront and $1666 per month)
Our 12 Month Done For You Apple Orchard Program and we run the show. 

An initial deposit of $1k is required to book a discovery session with me and is applied directly to your program. 

On the confirmation page, you will get my Calendly Link.

Thank you,

Scott Webb

What others have to say about Scott.

“Scott is a rare find. Scott is one of the most passionate, hard-working professionals I know. He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients and genuinely believes in forging partnerships between his clients that result in win-win outcomes."


"Within a few days of getting to know Scott, I immediately became a better communications strategist and copywriter. You know you are partners with a true visionary when the people around that person start to become smarter, happier, and more qualified to do their jobs."